INHOPE | A Word from former Board Member (Treasurer) Peter Urlaub
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A Word from former Board Member (Treasurer) Peter Urlaub

Peter-Paul Urlaub

Former Board member and Treasurer.

What inspired you to get involved in online child protection?

I was seeking a job alongside my clerkship and saw an opening at eco, which advertised that on top of fighting illegal content, they were looking for a lawyer who knows their way around technical topics. The premise of the job was to keep the internet clean since eco members strive to create a positive experience for their clients. So, online child protection was more of a side effect and not the direct purpose of my job. I started as a part-time analyst and was offered a permanent position once I finished my degree. I stayed because I loved the work. It had a purpose, a great community, and offered diverse day-to-day tasks.

How would you describe your experience as a Board Member? Would you do it again?

My experience as an INHOPE board member was great. I learned a lot about governance, communication, and culture. I learned that each board seems to be unique and has to find its way. Surprising for me was, how smoothly it went considering the different time zones, native languages, and individual interests. Of course, there were challenges, but I liked them since I could learn the most out of them.

Yes, I would do it again any time. If I hadn't changed jobs, I wouldn't have relinquished it, especially considering that the former job is a prerequisite for remaining on the board.

What is a key requirement for being a Board Member?

I think the key is understanding the members' core activities and that they differ from hotline to hotline. I believe that curiosity and active engagement are fundamental prerequisites, with a touch of communication skills being equally important. There are of course other elements that help be on the board, like structured thinking and knowledge about general governance.

Let's look back at Your Last Interview

In your introduction Interview you said the biggest challenge you see for INHOPE in the next 5 years is the stigma around child sexual abuse, making it difficult to talk about. How do you see this challenge today, as you're leaving the Board?

Yes, I said that. I think this challenge remains a little, but INHOPE did a great job addressing the issue. One of the last Summits specifically addressed the topic and INHOPE is an advocate for proper definitions of the issue. Therefore, I am very confident that we made a step in the right direction, although the topic is naturally a difficult one.

Tell us a bit more about your plans for the future

I'll be transitioning to a Dutch and German company in the cybersecurity sector, aligning with my roots in law as a Jurist. This shift allows me to delve deeper into legal topics while contributing to global security. Hopefully, the community is as nice as the INHOPE community and perhaps my knowledge of trust and safety will help me in this very close branch.

Please summarise your Board tenure in one sentence

It was an enriching journey that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone in the network.

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A Word from former Board Member (Treasurer) Peter Urlaub

I learned a lot about governance, communication, and culture. I learned that each board seems to be unique and has to find its way.