INHOPE | Webinar: User empowerment within the Metaverse
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Webinar: User empowerment within the Metaverse

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Date: Thursday, February 15th
Time: 14:00 CET / 1 PM GMT / 8 AM EST / 10 PM KST
Speaker: Elyse Lee - Zepeto
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Digital literacy gives children and young people the skills to use online spaces responsibly, helping them understand the risks and benefits of informed decision-making and responsible online behaviour. In the Metaverse, ensuring the safety of young users starts with empowering them. This involves a wide variety of tools that create a user-friendly environment where children can learn and navigate the digital world securely.

Our speaker Elyse Lee, Head of Global Policy and Engagement at Zepeto provides a unique insight into what Zepeto has done to empower the young people who navigate their Metaverse.

Join us on Feb 15th for a deep dive into the safety measures ZEPETO develops and implements in their Metaverse to keep their users safe, informed, and empowered. What tools do they develop and use to detect harm? What features do they utilise to inform and empower their users? How do they educate their community about online safety?

We recommend this webinar to hotline and helpline staff, industry and policymakers.

Speaker Biography

Elyse Lee is the Head of Global Policy and Engagement at ZEPETO, a leading avatar-centric social universe beloved by Gen Z. She is responsible for crafting platform guidelines that foster meaningful connections, encourage creative self-expression, and prioritise the safety of ZEPETO users. Additionally, she oversees youth safety initiatives at ZEPETO, collaborating with multi-stakeholders to shape a safer and kinder community experience for all.


ZEPETO is a burgeoning avatar-centric social universe where anyone can create whatever they imagine and share with the world. Since 2018, over 400 million global users have relied on ZEPETO to find community, explore new forms of entertainment, and express themselves through their avatars, alongside the world’s most popular brands, IP, and celebrities. As a community platform powered by millions of creators via ZEPETO Studio, our metaverse is one of today's most immersive, and inclusive virtual spaces.

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The 2024 Expert Insights webinar series is funded by the European Commission as part of the Better Internet for Kids Programme under the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL).

Webinar: User empowerment within the Metaverse
22.01.2024 - by INHOPE

This webinar is designed for hotline and helpline staff, industry and policymakers.

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