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INHOPE has built many partnerships with other NGOs, Law Enforcement Agencies, tech companies, and corporate partners. Become an INHOPE Partner today by joining INHOPE's Funding Partner Plan.

INHOPE Partners support the general sustenance of all aspects of the INHOPE network that enhances the everyday work of more than 200 analysts in 48 countries worldwide.

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Law Enforcement

On behalf of the hotlines, we work very closely with INTERPOL. With their high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support, they help meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century. INHOPE is part of the AviaTor project that aims to develop automation and intelligence tools to greatly reduce the time spent by LEAs in processing, assessing and prioritizing CSAM reports.

INHOPE members help law enforcement save time by ensuring only relevant reports are referred to national and international law enforcement so that efforts can be concentrated on rescuing victims.


Insafe and INHOPE have been working together through a network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs) across Europe, typically comprising an awareness centre, helpline, hotline and youth panel. The central aim of the Insafe and INHOPE networks within their awareness-raising and child-protection mission has always been to maintain an evidence-based approach with their sights firmly fixed on the future to ensure that emerging challenges are tackled proactively in this fast-evolving world.

Our partners
Partnership Opportunity

Partnership Opportunity

INHOPE’s internet hotlines accept anonymous reports of CSAM from all corners of the globe to their members in 48 countries. Support this effort and become an Annual Funding Partner of INHOPE.

Annual funding partnerships directly support INHOPE’s work in Technology development, Network expansion, Capacity building, training and knowledge sharing, and Political/legislative engagement.

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The work we do
Exchanging Expertise

Exchanging Expertise

INHOPE organises bi-annual training meetings where hotline managers and analysts learn about the newest developments and trends.

Your support will enable us to bring analysts from around the world to INHOPE’s training meetings.

As a member organisation input and contributions from our members is essential. INHOPE runs a network mailing list and monthly newsletter, taskgroups (advisory groups comprised of members contributing to subject related projects), and the presidents club (group for all hotline managers).

Network Expansion

Network Expansion

A priority for INHOPE is to expand its membership to countries outside the network where hosting of CSAM has been detected.

INHOPE needs to grow in the major internet usage expansion zones

INHOPE needs to grow in the major internet usage expansion zones (Asia Pacific, South Asia, Latin America & Africa and MENA) in order to meet the challenge of CSAM.

More hotlines in more countries processing more reports translates directly into more referrals to countries for hosting for removal and source, and more material being made available to law enforcement.

ICCAM Development

ICCAM Development

The INHOPE network has a secure technology platform called ICCAM ...

Exchange CSAM reports, share data with law enforcement & track data.

As the way CSAM moves through the internet changes, equally ICCAM needs to be updated & upgraded to meet this challenge including radical redevelopment of the API to allow for better/faster exchange of data with other systems. We seek additional funding to secure this development and hope that your contribution could help in this endeavor.