INHOPE | Meet the INHOPE Board, Peter-Paul Urlaub

Meet the INHOPE Board, Peter-Paul Urlaub

Get to know the people behind INHOPE with our board member spotlight.

Peter-Paul Urlaub

Board Member

Why do you think INHOPE is important?

I immediately realised the importance when working for eco – Association of the Internet Industry, a founding member of INHOPE. The fight against child sexual abuse material is a global one without borders. It is necessary to have local partners who understand the (local) culture, reporters, industry, and law enforcement. And in collaboration, INHOPE supports its member hotlines everywhere.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for INHOPE in the next five years?

The cause INHOPE fights for is still stigmatised and unpopular to talk about. This makes funding and sustainability complicated for INHOPE itself as for the hotlines. Having adequate funding means that we have the resources to fight illegal content on the internet with a team of analysts and up to date technology.

Why did you decide to become a part of the INHOPE board?

I was involved in several task groups at INHOPE and saw many motivated people trying to make the internet a better place. I saw a great team who was committed to their work and wanted to join this group of people to further improve INHOPE and hotlines to do their critical work.

What is your vision for the future?

A world where we would not need an organisation such as INHOPE. Until then, INHOPE is sustainable and able to support its member hotlines in their fight against illegal content in any possible way.

If you could change one thing about the internet, what would it be?

A clear legal framework would ensure that each stakeholder takes responsibility for their role in supporting each other in the fight against illegal content.

Meet the INHOPE Board, Peter-Paul Urlaub