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Facts & numbers
Age of the victims

Age of the victims

83% of CSAM assessed in 2023 depicted children
under 13 years of age.

Victims are aged between 3 to 13 years.

The figures from 2023 show that the majority of victims are pre-pubescent.

Gender of victims

Gender of victims

95% of victims depicted in reports assessed during
2023 were girls and 3% were boys.

95% of victims were girls

Children of both genders were depicted in 2% of assessed reports.

World Wide Reporting Data

World Wide Reporting Data

  1. United Kingdom 35.03%
  2. Netherlands 19.79%
  3. Germany 5.88%

World Wide Reporting Data

INHOPE traced CSAM material to 84 countries in 2023, and of those INHOPE hotlines are present in 45 countries.

Read more on these facts in our Annual Report.

Site Types

Site Types

The pie chart shows the variety of sites used to store CSAM.

Site Types

In 2023, the data presented 10 different site types with the majority of material being found on the following:

  1. Website 42.65%
  2. Image host 39.36%
  3. Forum 8.79%
Reporting Patterns

Reporting Patterns

Number of exchanged content URLs: 785.322
Number of illegal content URLs: 539.836

Number of Reports, Assessed Illegal

Exchanged content URLs – This is the number of URLs of individual media files e.g. video, images etc that were exchanged via ICCAM.

Illegal content URLs – This is the number of unique content URLs that were processed via ICCAM and assessed by analysts as being CSAM and thus illegal.

The Facts

Data Portal Overview

The INHOPE Data Portal dashboard is a project deliverable that serves as a public-facing platform to present key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics related to the INHOPE network and the ICCAM platform. This interactive dashboard, built using Power BI and published on the INHOPE website, aims to provide easily understandable information to the public.

The dashboard (funded by the European Union) showcases key indicators and metrics related to the INHOPE network and the ICCAM platform starting from the year 2020, divided by quarters and by year. It features nine carefully selected indicators that align with INHOPE’s annual report. These indicators offer valuable insights into the organisation's progress and performance.


  • The number of confirmed illegal URLs allows to track the INHOPE’s network success in identifying illegal content.
  • The total number of reported URLs represents the quantity of potential illegal content reported. A higher number indicates the effectiveness of the INHOPE hotlines network in encouraging people and analysts to report potentially illegal activities.
  • The action step indicator, represented as a percentage of the total content reported to law enforcement.
  • To provide further context, triangle indicators are placed next to these four metrics. They display an upward or downward trend in comparison to previous quarters or years, based on the selection made in the time slicer.

    Access the dashboard below.

LIVE Data & Stats Dashboard

INHOPE Data Portal

The INHOPE Data Portal dashboard is an interactive and informative platform that presents key data points and metrics related to the INHOPE network and the ICCAM platform. It aims to effectively communicate information to the public in an easily understandable manner, facilitating transparency and engagement.

Good to know

Useful Documents

Annual Report 2023

A review of 2023, where we look at the INHOPE Network of member hotlines, the environment that it operates in and its global impact on CSAM.

For older reports - click here.

Luxembourg Guidelines

The Terminology Guidelines, dubbed the ‘Luxembourg Guidelines’ after their adoption in Luxembourg earlier this year, offer guidance on how to navigate the complex lexicon of terms commonly used relating to sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children. They aim to build consensus on key concepts in order to strengthen data collection and cooperation across agencies, sectors and countries.

INHOPE position on Encryption

Encryption technology is deployed by many technology companies to support online security and privacy by preventing anyone other than the sender and receiver from being able to view or read content being sent over their services. A consequence of this, is that a company may also lose the ability to detect illegal activity on their platforms.

We encourage hosting and communications providers that are deploying encryption to include measures proposed in the INHOPE Encryption position - click the link below