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New National Pact on Sexual Violence Against Children in Albania

Tirana, 20 November 2023 – On the International Day for the Rights of the Child, four main ministries of the Albanian Government and two leading child rights organisations, signed the National Pact against Sexual Violence against Children, a plan of measures that puts at its centre the protection of children from any form of violence and sexual exploitation.

During the signing ceremony, the pact was signed by the Minister of Interior – Mr Taulant Balla, Minister of Education – Mrs Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister of Health and Social Protection – Mrs Albana Koçiu, Minister of State for Youth and Children – Mrs Bora Muzhaqi, Mr Altin Hazizaj – General Director of CRCA/ECPAT Albania and Ms Belioza Çoku – Executive Director of the National Child Helpline (ALO 116-111 Albania).

“Today we are here, four Ministers of the Albanian Government to unite, together with civil society, in our commitment to protect and increase the safety of children,” said Mr Taulant Balla, Minister of Interior at the opening ceremony.

The plan focuses on increasing and strengthening coordination, real-time information exchange, joint action and organising national awareness campaigns to prevent violence and sexual exploitation of children online and offline. The pact contains six basic measures, and each ministry will develop its plan of action, to enable the implementation of the plan.
Albania, in the post-covid period, is facing an increased number of reports of online and offline sexual violence and exploitation of children, in the family environment, schools and in the community. Given the increase in the number of reports, but also the lack of information on how children can be better protected, especially online, CRCA/ECPAT Albania initiated a broad consultation between institutional and social partners, resulting in the need for a more public and coordinated approach, such as a social Pact, between public institutions, CSO’s, and the business sector.

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New National Pact on Sexual Violence Against Children in Albania
30.01.2024 - by CRCA/ECPAT Albania

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