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Protecting Children

Protecting Children

Always Report

Always Report
A child could be in danger of sexual abuse

A Public Response
to Child Abuse

We are partnering with ECPAT to promote reporting in order to combat the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

Don't Look Away, Report it!

Making a Report is simple, making an impact takes a public response.

Child Sexual Abuse within Travel & Tourism

Child Sexual Abuse within Travel & Tourism

What should we all know?

Make a Report

Understanding what to report

  • If you see a child that you think might be at risk of sexual exploitation, then you should report it to local law enforcement or a hotline/helpline.
  • The more concrete information you can provide with your report the greater the chance that law enforcement will be able to act to save the child.

Good to know:

  • A child is any person below 18 years
  • Girls and boys can be victim of sexual exploitation
  • Both men and women can be perpetrators

Your actions make an impact

"I saw something strange in a bar with a young girl. I just went to the website and reported it, just in case." Niels, 30.

"I wasn't sure what I saw, but I was concerned. I went to the website and felt better for taking action." Patricia, 55.

"I immediately went on WiFi of the local restaurant, while the situation was fresh in my mind." Petra, 44

"I couldn't stop thinking about it in the hotel. It took me only a few minutes to make a report." Jessica, 28

Suspicious situations

  • An adult touches a child inappropriately at the pool, beach, restaurant, bar or club
  • An adult isolates himself/herself with a child, e.g. in a hotel room or a (private) apartment
  • An adult takes many pictures of children, especially on the beach and at the pool

Every child behaves differently. They might not always seem uncomfortable or scared, which may give a false idea that they are not victims. Trust your gut feeling when you observe the potential sexual exploitation of a child.

Unsure? Always make a report!

Booked your vacation?

Booked your vacation?

Some offenders who have been exploiting children online during the pandemic will travel to abuse the same victims when the travel restrictions ease.

So whether you’re on holiday at home or abroad, then enjoy yourself, relax and have a good time, but please don’t look away. If you see something suspicious, report it. Your report could be the beginning of the end of the cycle of abuse for a child.

Find your country below and follow their reporting process today.

Report Child Sexual Abuse
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Report Child Sexual Abuse


You saw a situation of potential child sexual abuse


Unsure of what to do next? Don't Look Away!


Make a report now

Myths around the sexual exploitation of children in tourism and travel
True or False

True or False

“Only middle-aged white men sexually abuse children while abroad.”


Offenders are of every race and ethnicity, and may be travelling abroad or in their own country. They may be male or female, and are found amongst business travellers, teachers, volunteers, aid workers, people attending large-scale sporting and cultural events, military personnel, expatriates, domestic and international travellers and tourists.

True or False

True or False

“Children are only sexually abused by tourists and travelers in lower and middle-income countries. I won’t see anything I should report while on holiday in Europe.”


The context in which abuse occurs might vary in different regions, but it occurs all over the world. No country is immune.

True or False

True or False

“Even if I see something I’d report at home, I don’t understand the local culture or language so there’s nothing I can do while I’m abroad.”


According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, every person below the age of eighteen has the right to be protected against sexual abuse and sexual exploitation (Articles 19, 34). Regardless of culture or language, use your gut instinct – if a situation doesn’t look right to you, then you should report it. You can do this anonymously online, to a hotline operated in your own country in your own language here – they will do the rest.