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What is the Hotline Creation Timeline?

Are you looking to set up a national hotline? The process requires careful planning, coordination, and collaboration with many stakeholders. INHOPE is committed to simplifying this journey, which is why we have developed a comprehensive timeline to guide your organisation through every step.

For the next 6-12 months we will guide you through a detailed timeline of activities, including:

  • Organising roundtable discussions with relevant stakeholders
  • Providing templates, best practices, and training to prepare the organisation for operations
  • Assisting with the application for INHOPE membership
  • Offering ongoing support, mentorship, and opportunities for knowledge-sharing with the broader INHOPE network

The goal is to ensure that each new hotline is equipped with the necessary resources, partnerships and expertise to effectively combat child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in their country and contribute to the global fight against this crime.

What is the process of becoming a hotline?

This timeline serves as a roadmap, which highlights the responsibilities and expectations of both INHOPE and the aspiring hotline.

  • Phase 1: Initiating the Journey (Months 1-2)
    INHOPE conducts a thorough country review of the interested organisation, to assess the feasibility and suitability of establishing a hotline in the respective country.

  • Phase 2: Building Foundations (Months 2-8)
    INHOPE provides an overview of hotline operations and the network, setting expectations for both parties. Regular assistance is offered, including stakeholder engagement and preparation for hotline operations.

  • Phase 3: Training and Preparation (Months 8-12)
    We conduct specialised training sessions for the applying organisation, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge. After the web-reporting mechanism is established, we pay the organisation a Quality Assurance visit.

  • Phase 4: Provisional Membership (Months 12-14)
    The applying organisation aligns its operations with INHOPE standards in preparation for provisional membership, which will be subject to approval during the INHOPE Annual General Meeting.

  • Phase 5: Full Membership (Months 14-16)
    Based on feedback from the Quality Assurance Visit, the applying organisation enhances its operations to meet full membership criteria.

By following this structured process, INHOPE aims to streamline the path to creating new national hotlines, especially in high-risk areas where the need is greatest. With each new addition joining our network, we move closer to a world free of CSAM online.

Can your organisation become an INHOPE hotline?

A national hotline can be housed within a variety of organisational structures, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), regulatory authorities, internet service providers (ISP) associations, government departments, or industry trade bodies. The key is finding the right fit for the local context and ensuring strong partnerships with critical actors, especially law enforcement.

Is your organisation interested in becoming an INHOPE member hotline? Then access the detailed Hotline Creation Timeline and further information here.

What is the Hotline Creation Timeline?

The goal is to ensure that each new hotline is equipped with the necessary resources, partnerships and expertise to effectively combat CSAM in their country.