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What is a Trusted Flagger?

Flagging is the process by which third parties can report potentially harmful content to platforms for content moderation review. Organisations that are formally recognised as trusted for identifying and reporting illegal content, are called Trusted Flaggers. Under the Digital Services Act (DSA), Trusted Flagger are defined and organisations operating within the EU have obligations to cooperate with recognised Trusted Flaggers which include EU based hotlines in many countries.

Over time, INHOPE member hotlines and other recognised organisations (e.g. Helplines) have built trusted relationships with online service providers and platform operators and have become recognised Trusted Flaggers. This means that their reports are prioritised. For organisations outside of the EU, we have a Trusted Reporter program.

Why do we need Trusted Flaggers in the EU & Trusted Reporters outside of the EU?

Trusted Flaggers and Trusted Reporters have demonstrated expertise and competence in recognising and reporting harmful content. For example, INHOPE member hotline analysts go through rigorous INHOPE and INTERPOL training and have to meet certain criteria to become and remain members of the INHOPE Network of hotlines. Processing reports of CSAM made by Trusted Flaggers or Trusted Reporters to technology companies are more efficient than those made by the general public. Prioritising these reports helps online service providers remove illegal content as quickly as possible and prevent further revictimisation for the survivor.

INHOPE's Trusted Reporter Program

In 2018 INHOPE created a voluntary Trusted Reporter Program. Complementary to the Digital Services Act (DSA), INHOPE’s Trusted Reporter program will offer organisations outside of the European Union the ability to onboard Trusted Reporters from the INHOPE Network. Companies participating in this program accelerate the processing of CSAM and illegal content reports received from INHOPE hotlines.

To join the Trusted Reporter program, INHOPE must be satisfied that the organisation is committed to the program and the rapid removal of illegal content on its platform. If this is confirmed then a reporting exchange procedure is agreed upon with the platform and shared with member hotlines.

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What is a Trusted Flagger?

Should your company have a Trusted Reporter program? Learn more about the ins and outs of Trusted Reporter programs