Hotline Development Guide

What is a hotline?

An Internet hotline is a dedicated online reporting mechanism to report internet material suspected to be illegal, including child sexual abuse material.

In 2013, GSMA published the production of the first Guide to Setting Up an Internet Hotline. This was developed in the framework of the GSMA Mobile Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Content, in cooperation with INHOPE and with expert contributions from many organisations that operate or work with Internet Hotlines on a daily basis. Navigate here for information on contributors.

Who are we?

At the core of this guide is a global community of organisations covering all sectors that are dedicated to building capacity to tackle online sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

In 2015, in order to bring the guide to an even wider audience and provide a platform for new and expanded information regarding hotline development and hotline operations, INHOPE joined forced with UNICEF and GSMA to develop this online guide.

What can you do?

As a visitor and user of this site, you can do many things. First and foremost, you help set up an Internet hotline in your country, or learn how to support a project in your country.

The guide aims to share the experience of the INHOPE Foundation supporting Internet hotline development around the world. Crucially, it also aims to reflect the collective expertise of the global INHOPE network of hotlines and partner organisations across the sectors.

Become a member hotline

Become a member hotline

As a member of INHOPE you can demonstrate that your organisation takes corporate social responsibility very seriously, becoming an integral part in tackling CSAM and ultimately creating an online environment where everyone (but especially children) can use the internet for positive purposes.

To apply for INHOPE Membership. We firstly recommend you reach out to us at