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What is the INHOPE Summit?

The INHOPE Summit is an annual event that brings together technology, law enforcement and industry partners to ensure that INHOPE’s network of 54 hotlines continue to remove online child sexual abuse material (CSAM) as rapidly as possible.

The agenda comprises a combination of presentations and panel discussions giving attendees the chance to hear the latest policy, practice, and tech in online child protection. Previous speakers have included Meta, Tech Coalition, Yubo, NCMEC, Microsoft, Discord, Naver Z (ZEPETO), Nurdle, Resolver, TikTok and more.

Who is the INHOPE Summit for?

Online, we welcome Trust and Safety professionals, content moderators, child protection NGOs, technology companies, law enforcement, hotlines, policymakers, government and stakeholders working in the field of online child protection.

In-person, we encourage attendance by industry, law enforcement and government officials who have a safety-forward approach to online communities and want to learn more about CSAM and the impact they can have. You need to know how to protect your platform as well as how to make the internet safer for all digital citizens. This knowledge-sharing day is aimed at the illegal production, distribution and consumption of CSAM. Spots are limited and all applicants are subject to approval.

What are the goals of the INHOPE Summit?

  • To promote public reporting through public awareness-raising by online platforms and government bodies.
  • To uncover the challenges and solutions to create societal change and transparency around CSAM.
  • To demonstrate the harm of self-generated CSAM and benefits of prevention initiatives.
  • To explore the collaboration of industry to act as a source of public-awareness around CSAM.
  • To provide a knowledge sharing forum for industry stakeholders to openly discuss approaches to tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation online.

How can I get involved?

Interested in attending our next INHOPE Summit? Don't miss out, learn more and register here.

What is the INHOPE Summit?
24.06.2024 - by INHOPE

Interested in attending our next INHOPE Summit? Don't miss out, learn more and register here.