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Welcoming ACSAI Nigeria

We are proud to welcome ACSAI (Action Against Child Sexual Abuse Initiative) Nigeria as an official member of the INHOPE network. As our second hotline in Africa and the first and only internet hotline in Nigeria, ACSAI represents an important milestone in our network expansion journey.

How did you learn about INHOPE?

Our understanding of the INHOPE network has been enriched through online training on online child sexual exploitation and abuse (OCSEA) and the webinars we have attended. The events have highlighted INHOPE's role as a leading global network combating child sexual abuse material (CSAM), striving to enhance collaboration with industries to reduce online child sexual abuse.

What inspired you to join the network?

As a women-led nonprofit organisation dedicated to eliminating sexual violence against women, young girls, and children, our mission focuses on transforming societal responses through advocacy, education, sensitisation, and awareness, particularly regarding OCSEA. The initiative to establish a hotline in Nigeria, with the support of the INHOPE network, represents a crucial advancement. This hotline will enable victims to report abuse without fear of discrimination or stigma. Through cooperation with relevant stakeholders, CSAM and intimate images shared online can be removed, perpetrators can be prosecuted, thereby promoting a safer internet environment for children and young girls.

What is the biggest benefit of being part of a network?

Our organisation's core values include empowerment, innovation, and collaboration. Our most significant accomplishment will be launching Nigeria's first and only internet hotline, facilitated by the INHOPE network. By connecting with other global hotlines, we aim to combat CSAM effectively. Access to training on online operations will also equip us with the best practices for our internet hotline.

Are there any challenges to becoming a member?

ACSAI has recently become a member of INHOPE, aiming to deepen our understanding of its operational framework. Thus far, we have encountered no obstacles and look forward to building a strong partnership with the INHOPE network.

What is your hotline's primary mission?

The internet hotline was officially launched on January 30, 2024, after meeting the criteria to become an INHOPE-accredited hotline in Nigeria. Here's how the hotline functions:

  • Accessible directly from our website's homepage.
  • Users can specify where they encountered the content, such as on a website, chat/instant messaging, spam email, or while gaming online.
  • They can select the type of material to report from a dropdown menu, including CSAM, intimate image abuse (such as revenge porn) and sextortion.
  • After providing a brief description, users can click 'Submit.'
  • Our team of trained analysts will promptly review the report.

We also receive support from local law enforcement agencies such as NAPTIP and the Cybercrime Police, highlighting our backing from local authorities who also support effective action against perpetrators and ensure a direct connection for victims requiring immediate support. Our primary mission is to transform societal responses to violence against women and children by fostering education, advocacy, sensitisation, and awareness initiatives. Currently, we utilise a singular reporting method through our reporting portal, and we hope to improve our reporting channels soon, potentially through an application to make it even more accessible and user-friendly for the public.

What are your plans for the future?

We aim to enhance reporting through our hotline by securing support to bolster our sensitisation and educational campaigns. We also intend to strengthen existing capacities across Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and institutions that cater to the welfare of children in Nigeria.

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Welcoming ACSAI Nigeria
21.03.2024 - by ACSAI Nigeria

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