INHOPE | Webinar: Proactive vs. Reactive hotline communication
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Webinar: Proactive vs. Reactive hotline communication

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Wednesday 1st June at 4PM CET (10AM ET)
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This webinar will explore campaign approaches and how hotlines can actively communicate with young people on the topic of child sexual abuse and exploitation. 2022 is the year to speak up! Make the voice of young people heard and shine light on the importance of building a better future.

With this opportunity in mind, we will kick start this discussion with an opening from Insafe, which will lead to an interactive poll to explore different approaches to communicating and the value of campaigning. INHOPE will then chair a discussion with two long-standing Senior Better Internet for Kids (BIK) Youth Ambassadors who will provide their perspectives on the importance of campaigning on the following topics:

  • the balance between raising awareness of the issues surrounding child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and asking for action to be taken, such as reporting
  • effective techniques for hotlines to communicate to young adults and children.

A unique opportunity to share your approach, getting direct feedback from Youth Ambassadors with over two decades worth of experience in European and Global initiatives so that you and your organisation can move forward with confidence in creating engaging on message campaigns.

We recommend this webinar to hotlines, helpline, child advocacy groups, Industry, NGOs and more.

Speaker Biographies

The representative of BIK Youth Communities are Senior ambassadors João Pedro Martins and Kathrin Morasch.

  • João has taken an active role in online safety, digital literacy discussions, and best practices since an early age, being a Better Internet for Kids Youth Ambassador for the last 9 years, within the European Insafe network.
    He has become a member of several youth initiatives in the Internet Governance field, with relevant positions in the Youth IGF Movement and as coordinator of the EURid Youth Committee. João is a member of the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance, Youth Observatory within ISOC, and participates in youth programs of Council of Europe, ICANN and ITU.
    Such overarching presence has made him a facilitator and leader in Internet Governance, Artificial Intelligence and digital literacy training, collaborating with both public and private institutions such as the European Commission, Google, Microsoft, DECO, and the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

  • Kathrin is a long-standing youth ambassador at the Insafe network and at Better Internet for Kids. She started at her national awareness center Klicksafe the age of 14 and has since then been involved in many different projects. For some years she has also been active in the IGF community.
    Kathrin studied law and is now doing her legal clerkship at the public prosecutor's office. (From mid-June, she will work for a law firm in the area of IT/ IP and data protection law. ) She also works in a reporting centre for online hate, agitation and extremism. There, the comments, posts and tweets are assessed under criminal law and then reported to the prosecution.

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This event is funded by the European Commission.

Webinar: Proactive vs. Reactive hotline communication
Photo by INHOPE

We recommend this webinar to hotlines, helpline, child advocacy groups, Industry, NGOs and more.

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