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SafeLine speaks at two-day event

The main analyst of SafeLine joined as a speaker at the annual conference and the international roundtable of the Tijana Juric Foundation in Serbia.

The Greek hotline, SafeLine was invited by INHOPE to join in a two-day event in Belgrade, Serbia. The theme of the conference was Safety and Responsibility - Protection of Children. During the panel discussion, the analyst of the Greek hotline had the chance to present SafeLine’s work and the main hotline’s procedures. Furthermore, she introduced the best practices followed regarding recruitment and staff welfare. During the conference, the analyst highlighted the impact of being a member of the INHOPE network.

During the international roundtable, the Greek analyst elaborated on how SafeLine cooperates with the local police and internet providers. In addition, she shared the lessons learned in improving these working relationships. Furthermore, Trusted Flagger Programs and the Community Partner Channels have been presented as useful tools for analysts. After the presentation, the analyst of SafeLine received questions from the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Serbia as well as from the analyst of the Serbian hotline.

SafeLine speaks at two-day event
10.11.2021 - by Safeline
Photo by Safeline

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