INHOPE | Meet Esme, INHOPE's Network Expansion & Partnerships Intern

Meet Esme, INHOPE's Network Expansion & Partnerships Intern

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Esme Fowler-Mason

Network Expansion and Partnerships Intern

Why did you move to the Netherlands?

I moved to the Netherlands after the Brexit referendum in the UK. I was too young to vote and could see that opportunities and quality of life were decreasing in England. I also knew I would be the last generation of Brits able to live and work in the 27 EU member states without needing a visa. The Netherlands appealed to me because of its good academic reputation, affordable tuition fees, and proximity to home. When I found the European Studies BA at the University of Amsterdam, I decided to leap, and five years later, I’m still here!

Why do you work at INHOPE?

My interest in online safety began during my LLM. I decided to write my dissertation on the UK Online Safety Act that was being drafted at the time. As part of this, I spent a lot of time researching issues that come from an unregulated online space – disinformation, screen addiction, worsening mental health of young people, the spread of CSAM, and the list goes on. Working at INHOPE allows me to utilise my knowledge of legal frameworks, passion for a safer internet and background in commercial business for an extremely important cause. It also allows me to learn from an experienced, vibrant, and international team.

What do you do outside of office hours?

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time with friends, going to galleries or having dinners together. I play tennis for a local club, run, and cold-water swim. For downtime, I enjoy cooking and getting stuck into a good book.

Meet Esme, INHOPE's Network Expansion & Partnerships Intern