INHOPE | Meet Denton, the INHOPE Executive Director

Meet Denton, the INHOPE Executive Director

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Denton Howard

Executive Director, joined INHOPE in September 2005

Why do you work at INHOPE?

My job is constantly changing. It is challenging but very rewarding because I get to work with a fabulously diverse group of smart and driven people from around the world who share a common mission.

What do you do outside of your office hours?

Outside of family and work, competing in triathlons is when I truly feel alive. Why triathlon? Because I was told that with one arm it was impossible. From fast, aggressive sprint racing through to long distance Ironman, I am constantly reminded that limits are just in your head. There is always a way to go harder, faster and further - regardless of what others say is possible. With triathlon I have a community that is fierce in every way, not just in competition but also in its sharing, support, encouragement and camaraderie. At a race the biggest roaring cheer of the crowd is not for the first across the line, it's for the last.

What's your favourite inspirational quote

‘’It was like that when I got here’’ - Homer (Simpson)

Meet Denton, the INHOPE Executive Director