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Publication of Legislative Overview

The strength of the INHOPE network comes from its interconnected, global nature which allows for the exchange and rapid removal of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) around the world. However, the reality of operating in 40 different legal jurisdictions means the treatment of reported material varies from member hotline to member hotline.

This Legislative Overview sets out to delineate the legislative framework for each of the countries INHOPE member hotlines operate in and serve as a reference list for the legality of certain content types. The content of this overview was derived from questionnaires completed by member hotlines.

This overview covers the following topics:

  • Hotline mandate: what is the hotline mandate under national legislation to process online CSAM and what are the relationships with national hosting providers and law enforcement agencies.
  • Content types: which content types are illegal in the hotline‚Äôs country and what are the exceptions to the rule.
  • Context: contexts in which the material is portrayed that may have an influence on the illegality of the material.
  • Content Locations: what online locations the hotline is allowed by law to access.

The Legislative Overview can be downloaded here. If you have any questions regarding the document, please email

Publication of Legislative Overview
10.06.2024 - by INHOPE

If you have any questions regarding the document, please email