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Making a Difference – Global Awareness Initiatives for SID 2024

“Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence, and navigating change online”. The theme of Safer Internet Day (SID) 2024 resonates deeply with the fast-paced digital landscape that youth navigate daily. This day serves as a call for initiatives and awareness that should echo all year round. As a SID supporter, we actively engage in the development of resources, campaigns, and events. By collaborating, launching and promoting impactful initiatives, we aim to address online safety challenges and lead the change.

This year, we are highlighting our member hotlines contributions to a Safer Internet, that even though originate at a local level, resonate globally. From Germany to Greece, Australia to Albania, and Colombia, our network’s initiatives span the globe. In collaboration with partner organisations, they tackle issues ranging from pornography and sexual content to artificial intelligence and education.

Germany: FSM Campaign Against Online Pornography

Worldwide, children and teenagers face increasing exposure to online pornography, often unaware of its potential harm. This Safer Internet Day, FSM partners with the German Safer Internet Centre to tackle this issue through an interactive campaign. Via an online platform, everyone can submit questions, and receive expert answers about dealing with online sexual content. FSM also hosts the virtual event “Let’s Talk About Porn,” fostering discussions on protecting youth and providing age-appropriate education. While FSM's initiatives are primarily in German, the message is universal: online pornography impacts youth globally. We advocate for similar initiatives worldwide, adaptable to diverse cultural contexts and languages, fostering a collective global response.

Greece: SafeLine AI Education Initiative

The Greek hotline, focusing on emerging trends, takes this SID as an opportunity to examine AI and educate young people about its opportunities and risks. They have released diverse resources tailored for teachers and parents across different educational levels. Besides educational efforts about AI, SafeLine Greece is actively researching this rapidly growing trend. Sharing findings from an ongoing survey, their contributions will shape a comprehensive European report on AI, impacting global future strategies to combat digital threats.

Australia: eSafety Commissioner Webinar Series

eSafety Commissioner in Australia is launching a webinar series aimed at parents and caregivers. These live sessions will equip adults with the knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure their children have safe online experiences. Topics like “How eSafety can help?”, “Understanding how to support your child with online gaming,” “Understanding Parental Controls to Safeguard your Child” or “Online Safety and Social Media: TikTok, YouTube and Instagram”, aim to foster healthy habits and positive conversations that guide children’s online journeys. The webinars will be held in English, welcoming participants from around the globe to register and participate.

Albania: CRCA Nationwide Awareness Campaign

The Albanian hotline, CRCA Albania, sets in motion a nationwide campaign for a Secure Internet, engaging public figures from various fields. As ambassadors, they advocate vigilance online, threat identification, and responsible content reporting. Another significant initiative includes the release of a seven-year thematic report, exploring women and girls' experiences with online violence and hate speech. This report sheds light on these issues and urges for a more inclusive online environment. Its findings resonate worldwide, highlighting the disproportionate impact on women and girls, especially in developing countries.

Colombia: Te Protejo Power of Zero Campaign

Te Protejo Colombia contributes to Safer Internet Day with “The Power of Zero”, a campaign educating families about the critical moment when they provide their children with their first device. Through engaging animated videos and a digital parenting toolkit, the campaign promotes open dialogue about online safety and responsible technology use. It empowers parents to instil good habits, values, respect, and kindness from the moment they give their children a phone or a tablet. This series, available in Spanish, English and Portuguese can be accessed anywhere worldwide.

The collective efforts of our global network aim to make people more aware and encourage them to take proactive measures. Each initiative demonstrates a commitment to inspiring change and making a tangible difference in the lives of youth and families worldwide. As we address a diverse range of themes, it becomes evident that safeguarding the online environment demands a multifaceted approach.

Safer Internet Day reminds us that each one of us holds the power to make a positive impact online. By staying informed, engaging in initiatives, and utilising available resources, we can all contribute to creating a safer and more secure internet for present and future generations.

For more initiatives, advocacy efforts and updates from our member hotlines, follow INHOPE’s social channels.

Making a Difference – Global Awareness Initiatives for SID 2024

This year, we are highlighting our member hotlines contributions to a Safer Internet, that even though originate at a local level, resonate globally.