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What is INHOPE mobile

INHOPE mobile is a tool to engage public's participation in reporting of Child Sexual Abuse Material found on the Internet. It is available for Windows phone 7, Android, iPhone, Blackberry devices.

Using a simple interface, it allows the user to anonymously report through the mobile device, any online content he or she finds in the browser and suspects to be illegal. The report will then be forwarded to the hosting country's Hotline which will further investigate the case according to the national legislation and, where appropriate, the Law Enforcement Agencies will be informed and the content will be removed.

How it works

Reporting with INHOPE mobile is simple and quick. The user simply copies the URL of the suspect website from the browser, opens the INHOPE mobile application, inserts and submits the report. The application includes instructions for each step. The rest of the operations are automated and will be handled by a back-end web service which will apply validation and security processes. The report will then be sent to the relevant Hotline and INHOPE's dedicated database.

INHOPE mobile & its history

The development of INHOPE mobile was the result of a Microsoft sponsored internship through the Tech Talent 4 Good initiative that ran for the first time during July and August 2011. TT4G's goal is to gather ten recent IT graduates and send them to ten Microsoft-partner NGOs around Europe, to work for 8 weeks on Microsoft technologies focused on the needs of each NGO.

INHOPE mobile 1.0 was publicly released in 2011 at the INHOPE International Law Enforcement & Industry conference.

The application is currently available for Windows Phone 7, Android and iPhone devices, and can be downloaded  for free by either clicking on the buttons or scanning the QR codes above.

Let’s all practice zero tolerance to child sexual abuse imagery. One report can make a difference. To the digital citizens out there, if you stumble across anything you suspect to be a child sexual abuse image or video, do the right thing, report it and once confirmed, with our industry and law enforcement partners, we will make sure such content is taken down as quickly and effectively as possible.

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