LATEST NEWS sucess - the largest luring and child pornography case known in Canada

May 03, 2017

In Spring of 2015, received a report from a concerned parent regarding an incident involving his/her child. The youth was coerced to share sexual images with an online user who represented himself/herself as a teenager. The suspect subsequently threatened to distribute the images online if the youth did not comply with his demands for more images. A analyst completed various supplemental searches and forwarded the information to the Toronto Police Service. Further investigation by the Toronto Police Service led to the suspect (an adult male) being identified, arrested, and charged with over 400 luring, making and possessing child pornography and extortion charges involving multiple counts in Toronto and Quebec. The suspect subsequently pled guilty to offences against over 80 victims (some of whom were not identified), resulting in over 270 convictions. The remaining charges were dropped.

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