Fundación Alia2

Fundación Alia2

Calle Demóstenes 14,
28232 Las Rozas

Phone: +34 91 631 48 45


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Alia2 is a nonprofit organization that works to achieve one goal: to
 ensure a safer internet for our children. We are fighting for a safer
Internet and a better protection for children from harmful information. 

Our approach ensures that each member of society play an active
role in leveraging their own interests and resources; working with
the police, Internet service providers, Internet and p2p network
users, parents, the larger educational community, and the private
sector to better understand how child pornography and abuse is
jeopardizing their personal businesses and interests. 

We address the problem of internet security in the following ways:

  • Through the use of awareness campaigns we endeavor to
    educate parents, educators, stakeholders and the general
    public the importance of the correct use of social networks,
    safe and secure internet habits to mitigate hostile manners
    (Cyberbullying) and the exposure of the individuals private
  • We work with a group of private sector companies towards
    the development and implementation of more advanced safe
    web-surfing tools and Parental controls.
  • Alia2 Foundation strives to unite and coordinate diverse sectors
    of society, engaging the public with volunteering programs and
    appealing with institutions, companies and NGOs for their support.

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