Safer Internet Center - Russia

Safer Internet Centre – Russia

Presnenskaya nab. 12,
Bashnya Imperia, 27 floor
Moscow 123100


Hotline of the Russian Safer Internet Centre, set up and currently
operated by ROCIT – the oldest acting Russian NGO protecting
Internet-users – is the main Russian civic reporting mechanism
about different types of illegal content online, including child
sexual abuse scenes and grooming, racism\nationalism, cyberbullying,
illegal distribution of narcotics, launched in 2008. Since 2012 Safer
Internet Centre is part of emerging Russian National Centre for
Missing and Exploited Children “Nedopusti!”. Supported by
Civic Chamber of Russia, Russian Child Ombudsman, law
enforcement and industry, hotline provides anonymous reporting
tool and impartial assessment of reports, taking measures according
to legislation of Russian Federation. Russian Hotline is an INHOPE
member since 2009


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Let’s all practice zero tolerance to child sexual abuse imagery. One report can make a difference. To the digital citizens out there, if you stumble across anything you suspect to be a child sexual abuse image or video, do the right thing, report it and once confirmed, with our industry and law enforcement partners, we will make sure such content is taken down as quickly and effectively as possible.

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