Czech Republic

Czech Hotline -

CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o
Milešovská 1136/5
130 00 Praha 3
Phone: +420 910 101 010

The Czech Internet Hotline is operated by
the CZ.NIC Association, an interest association of legal entities,
founded in 1998 by leading providers of Internet services. The
key activities of the association include operation of the domain
name registry for the .CZ domain or strengthen cyber security

The Internet Hotline is run in close cooperation with the Czech
national Computer Security Incidents Response Team, CSIRT.CZ,
which is operated by the CZ.NIC Association and in collaboration
with the Criminal Police

Visit the reporting page of their website


Let’s all practice zero tolerance to child sexual abuse imagery. One report can make a difference. To the digital citizens out there, if you stumble across anything you suspect to be a child sexual abuse image or video, do the right thing, report it and once confirmed, with our industry and law enforcement partners, we will make sure such content is taken down as quickly and effectively as possible.

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