Bulgarian Safer Internet Hotline - ARC Fund

5, Alexander Zhendov Str.,
1113 Sofia,

Telephone: +359 2 973 3000
Email: hotline@online.bg
Website: http://www.safenet.bg/


Launched in 2006, the Bulgarian Hotline is part of the national
Safer Internet Centre. It receives reports from the public with a
special focus on child sexual abuse material and sexual
grooming online and cooperates closely with the law enforcement.

The Hotline receives and acts also on reports about harmful for
children online content, conduct and contacts such as pro-anorexia
websites, extreme pornography and violence, drug selling websites,
pro-suicidal and self-harm sites and material. According to its
operational procedures in these cases the Hotline cooperates with
hosting organisations or content owners in order to have the
inappropriate content removed.

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Let’s all practice zero tolerance to child sexual abuse imagery. One report can make a difference. To the digital citizens out there, if you stumble across anything you suspect to be a child sexual abuse image or video, do the right thing, report it and once confirmed, with our industry and law enforcement partners, we will make sure such content is taken down as quickly and effectively as possible.

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